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      Speaker Training For Press + Public

                       How well are you or your staff prepared?​

Today the visual image is king. With proper training and practice you can polish and develop an engaging dynamic personna.  And we can help prepare you by taking a half day or full day seminar.  Each seminar will help develop skills with:


                                 BODY IMAGE & PERCEPTION

                                          - You are what you project

                                             - Staying calm under fire     

                                  - Man on the street/ambush type interviews       


                           SITUATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS

                                                 - Speaker panels

                                                - Community forums    

                                                 - Press conference       

                                                - Staying on message


Each seminar will include video taping and recording you and your presentation in a variety of press/communications related scenario's.  Tips, evaluation and suggestions will help provide constructive feedback to preparation, delivery and presentations that will make you and your organization shine.




                                        MIKE DZIAK            OR              KEVIN HAYES

                                     253.661.6500                            253.678.2617