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      Speaker Training For Press + Public

How well are you or your staff prepared?​

Today the visual image is king. With proper training and practice, you can polish and develop an engaging dynamic persona.  And we can help prepare you by taking a half-day or full-day seminar.  Each seminar will help develop skills with:



       - You are what you project

          - Staying calm under fire     

   - MOS/ambush type interviews       



          - Speaker panels

         - Community forums    

           - Press conference       

          - Staying on message


Each seminar will include videotaping and recording you and your presentation in a variety of press/communications related scenario's.  Tips, evaluations, and suggestions will help provide constructive feedback to preparation, delivery, and presentations that will make you and your organization shine.

        contact:  EVI PRODUCTIONS

                               MIKE DZIAK          

                           206 755 3195                        


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