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Corporate Identity - Azure Standard

Azure Standard is located in Dufur, Oregon.  It's one of the largest organic farms in the country.  Azure Standard is the epitome of "Life's Reel- American Heros"  David Stelzer's vision is teaching how organic farming can offer a sustainable world with healthy foods forever.  My goal was to capture this message and introduce to people seeking healthier living alternatives.  I spent three days collecting footage of their farming operation and edited it into a

Influencer Marketing - Bruce Titus

Ford auto dealer Bruce Titus, wanted to showcase the performance line of Ford cars and trucks.  So the idea the agency came up with was to hire Ryan Villopoto, a retired motocross racer and local icon/influence marketer.  We went to Mason County Off Road Park to race a new Ford Mustang around the course, picking up dynamic shot os the vehicle, its performance and the team.

Reality TV - "Scuba Loggers"

Sizzle reel shot and produced for the company Profiles Television. Profiles Television are the producers of the successful tv show The Amazing Race. We were tasked to produce a promo that sells the premise of a new reality show.  Working with agency producers, we came up with this. The video is presently being shopped to network program buyers and other markets.

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