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      What is it that makes some first impressions so powerful, while others lack appeal? What is it about certain images that move you to laughter and others to tears? What is it that certain brands possess that evokes an emotional relationship that for some people becomes a lifelong affair? These three questions alone can take months to truly quantify, yet they are merely the beginning of a successful marketing campaign.

     An advertising firm is hired to be the mouthpiece for a company or organization. It serves to create and check your image, define your message and rally support from within your group toward a vision that will resonate with your customers. If successful, identities, ads and campaigns worth remembering are created to elevate the company or organization above all else in the hearts and minds of its followers. Sales and customer loyalty serve as the only reward that matters.

    LIFE’s REEL is a newly formed "marketing project" lead by a team of established faces who have joined over a common goal—to help small to mid-sized business leaders rekindle the soul essence of their dream. With today's ever-increasing digital communication platforms, there is a growing gap between the heart of a business and its purpose, and how it is communicated to its audience. Many have fallen victim to the rush for exposure over the value of impact.

    At a time when everyone is looking for insight on how to reinvent advertising, LIFE'S REEL promises to break new grounds by doing what it does best—rekindling the emotional spark between businesses and their customers. Our approach is different, but we'll save those details for our first meeting. However, you can rest assured that our strategy employs a circular approach to marketing, interweaving both old school advertising and the power of today's social media to its true potential. Your story, when crafted right, will become a living, breathing message that calls to be shared.

    If this makes sense to you and you would like to learn more, let's chat, our doors are open. We are seeking clients whose products and services are as genuine as their word, whose trust is built through mutual respect, and their commitment toward achieving the extraordinary is as clear as the vision that drives them. For a discovery meeting contact: or call.

Thank you for considering EVI Media Productions. We think you’ll find your inquiry worth the journey—we look forward to meeting you.



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